the team
Thanh Phong, OBE
Group Chief Executive Officer
Phong leads the charge for our business growth and development throughout Asia. With over 30 years of industry experience across North America, Asia and the Middle East, including several high-profile leadership roles, Phong is a well-respected figure in the global insurance industry. He also serves as Board Chairman of FWD Life Hong Kong, among others. Phong, Vietnamese-Canadian, is also a qualified actuary, and has been recognised for his contribution to the UK financial services sector in Vietnam with an OBE.
Binayak Dutta
Managing Director, Emerging Markets, and Group Chief Distribution Officer
Binayak ensures optimisation of FWD’s commercial operations in emerging markets and the expansion of distribution channels for long-term growth across the Group. He has a long history of transforming the distribution performance and creating sales performance success for a number of high profile insurers in Asia. Binayak, from India, started out in banking after graduating with a Bachelor of Economics and Master of Business Management before moving into the insurance industry.
Rob Schimek
Group Managing Director, and Group Chief Operating Officer
Rob leads the Group’s technology, operations, digital transformation, customer experience and marketing, and new business models and DTC, as well as being responsible for FWD’s current and future FinTech investments in the region.
Rob has extensive international leadership experience in the global insurance industry, most recently President and CEO of AIG’s commercial insurance businesses worldwide.
Alvin Chooi
Executive Vice President, Group Chief Strategy Officer
Alvin spearheads strategic growth initiatives for the Group including M&A, joint-venture and strategic alliance opportunities. His career has seen senior level positions in the financial services industry in both insurance and investment banking. Alvin, originally from Singapore, read law at the University of Birmingham, and is a qualified accountant.
Amy Hoe
Executive Vice President, Group Chief Technology & Operations Officer
Amy leads our technology and operations strategy to bring value to customers and the business. A veteran of the insurance industry, Amy's digital experience encompasses the entire insurance value chain; from IT, customer service, distribution and operations. Amy, originally from Singapore, has seen a career spanning more than 25 years in Asia and Eastern Europe.
Arthur Lee
Executive Vice President, New Markets & Corporate Governance, and South-East Asia Chairman
Arthur oversees FWD’s efforts to expand geographically and deepen our presence in our current operating countries, as well as lead the corporate governance areas of risk, compliance, and legal. He has a long track record of C-suite experience in Asia Pacific.
Craig Merdian
Executive Vice President, Group Chief Financial Officer
Craig heads up our finance and actuarial functions across the Group overseeing our financial direction and strategy. He has 35 years of international experience through his career which has seen many leadership roles in Asia and the US in life insurance, and in financial services and accountancy. Craig, originally from the USA, is a certified accountant and actuary.
Julian Lipman
Executive Vice President, Group Chief of Staff
Julian has over 30 years of experience in financial, actuarial, strategy, and general management in insurance in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, including instrumental CEO and senior management roles. He supports the oversight of FWD’s businesses in Asia, ensuring the effective governance and operational excellence of all our growing operations across the region. Julian is an actuary by profession.
Maree Higgins
Group Chief Human Resources Officer
Maree leads the Group human resources team at FWD. Originally from Australia, Maree has spent the last 15 years working across all areas of HR in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and more recently in Europe. She has held leadership positions in generalist HR, training and organisation development across FMCG, banking and education-related organisations.
Tim Oliver
Group Chief Customer Experience & Marketing Officer
Tim leads the Group’s customer strategy, brand, marketing and communications, supporting the pursuit of new market opportunities and channel expansion, while driving FWD’s commercial propositions and customer experience strategy. He has more than 22 years’ experience in insurance and consumer banking for multi-national financial institutions spanning Asia, Europe and Middle East.
Abhishek Bhatia
Group Chief Officer, New Business Models, and Chief Executive Officer, Singapore
Abhishek drives the establishment of new business models across the Group and oversees FWD’s innovation centre, while also leading FWD in Singapore with the goal of building the new business into a leading insurer in the country. Prior to joining FWD, he spent 17 years in various senior roles across the globe.
Anantharaman Sridharan
General Director, Vietnam
Anantha is in charge of developing FWD's in Vietnam with the ambition of transforming the acquired business into a leading insurer in the country. Prior to his current role, he oversaw strategic development of FWD Group's agency channel. Anantha has over 15 years of industry experience, with multinational insurance brands.
Bao Hongjian
Chief Executive Officer Designate, China
Hongjian leads our efforts to enter the China market and establish a solid operational platform to grow our business there. She has developed rich industry experience of building and leading successful operations in China. Hongjian counts being in the first batch of actuaries in China to hold both local and international actuary qualifications as one of her key career achievements.
Choo Sin Fook
President Director, Indonesia
With over 30 years of industry experience across Asia, including a number of high-profile leadership roles, Sin Fook is a well-respected figure in the life insurance industry. He is experienced in developing company business strategy and distribution channels across Asia. He was recently the Regional CAO for one of the leading insurance company in Asia, where he led the charge for agency integration post acquisition and agency operation at start-ups across key markets including Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Cambodia. In Indonesia, he has been recognised for his contribution to life insurance industry by introducing unit-linked insurance products and the agency distribution in 1990s.
Ken Lau
Managing Director, Greater China, and Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong
Ken Lau leads FWD in Hong Kong, driving the delivery of its technology-driven and customer-led strategy, and closely supports the Group’s expansion into the Greater China region.
Ken has more than 25 years‘ experience in the insurance industry in leadership, marketing, sales, distribution and actuarial across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Norio Tomono
Representative Director President and Chief Executive Officer, Japan
Norio leads FWD Fuji Life Insurance, Japanese subsidiary of FWD. He has over 40 years' experience in the Japanese insurance industry. He has served as a President of AIG Star Life Insurance, currently known as Gibraltar and Vice Chairman of Gibraltar. Since being appointed as President and CEO of AIG Fuji Life in February 2013, he has led the company's growth by taking advantage of his abundant experience in the Japanese insurance industry.
Peter Grimes
President and Chief Executive Officer, Philippines
Peter led the establishment of our greenfield operation in the country, which has seen it become the fastest-growing life insurance company in the Philippines. Peter’s experience in the insurance industry includes management, business development, and distribution, and he has been working in Asia for over 25 years.
Poramasiri Manolamai
Chief Executive Officer, Thailand
Poramasiri leads FWD Thailand, the fastest-growing life insurer in the country. She has a 25-year track record in the Thai insurance industry, including leadership roles overseeing distribution and marketing, amongst others.
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