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FWD Group focuses on wellness for season three of its popular podcast series “Celebrate Living with FWD”

22 November 2022 | Hong kong
Season three airs today and brings together leading experts to explore all aspects of wellness: from mental and physical health through to financial wellness, social connectivity, purpose and meaning in life Seasons one and two established a global audience spanning 50 countries FWD Group Holdings Limited (“FWD Group”) today announced the launch of season three of its renamed podcast series, “Celebrate Living with FWD”.

The new season brings together leading health and wellness experts to explore the ways that listeners can stay well and find balance across all aspects of their lives: from mental and physical health through to financial wellness, social connectivity, purpose and meaning. Season three will continue to be hosted by Fiona Mattesini from The Podcast People.

The first episode, which airs today, features an in-depth discussion with Dr. Oliver Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Koa Health, a digital mental healthcare provider. Dr Harrison trained as a medical doctor at Cambridge and UCL and practiced for six years in psychiatry before dedicating his career to digital mental health. He spent five years in McKinsey's Health Tech practice and the last 15 years designing and building scalable health tech solutions.

In this podcast, Dr. Harrison explains how combining science and technology can help make mental well-being accessible for everyone and shares his top tips with listeners on how to keep our brains healthy.

Dr. Harrison, said, “We simply don't know what the risk factors are for depression. For all of us, in the best of times we exist on a spectrum, and we have bad days and things happen in our lives that sort of take us down or bring us back up again.”

“And I think recognising that helps to chip away at the stigma but also creates a lot of opportunities for evidence-based intervention to help people who don't have a diagnosis or need a little bit of support,” he added.

The podcast follows the release of the results of FWD’s recent international mental health survey on 10 October, which found that 65% of people in Asia believe mental health will be one of the most significant issues in the coming year, yet only one-third are open to seeking external support.

Since its launch in 2021, FWD’s podcast series has attracted a global audience spanning 50 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe and the US, according to real-time and independent data from its host site, Podigee.

The podcast is available on all major platforms including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify with options to follow or subscribe. Alternatively, listeners can use this link (hit ‘subscribe’) to show the different apps that can be downloaded to keep listening.

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