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Despite the cancellation of the North Pole Marathon, #FWDTeamAsia was determined to run and so we hosted the FWD 78° North Marathon.
On 16 April 2019, #FWDTeamAsia and some of the 2019 North Pole Marathon runners successfully completed the FWD 78° North Marathon at Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

Congratulations to the runners and we are looking forward to the 2020 North Pole Marathon. Head to our Facebook or LinkedIn feeds to see all the photos and videos from this year’s action.

FWD North Pole Marathon 2019

We’re proud to be the title sponsor of the North Pole Marathon for the third year in a row

At the North Pole Marathon, the mental challenge is as great as the physical. And at FWD, we’re running with purpose

  • 42 kilometres
  • Minus 40 degree Celsius
  • Raising money for good causes throughout Asia

#2019NPM     #GetReadyToLive

Why run somebody else’s race
when you can run your own?

The North Pole Marathon is run on a sheet of ice and this is all that separates our runners from 12,000 feet of cold, Arctic Ocean.
The question is: why would anyone want to do this?

Meet #FWDTeamAsia, ten runners, ten different motivations.


Rob Schimek

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"This is about running with purpose… you can never quit on that charity."


Annie Liu

"The result isn’t the important part, it’s finding the courage to complete this."


Andy Leung

"This is about challenging my own limits – and then seeing how far I can go."

"Back then, winning was all that mattered. But the challenge now is with myself."


Hideaki Oono

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"The mental challenge is the most important challenge."


Joe Vlog

“I’ve been planning my recovery and all that’s left now is the right kind of mindset, and that means the determination not to let this injury hold me back.”


Misaki Izuoka

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"It’s not about other people. It’s about facing yourself for 42 kms. No crowds, no cheers, just you and the snow."


Joyette Jopson

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"Last year was meant to be my come back year. I had to face so many demons – including my pride."


Ittiphol Samutthong

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"Once you run a marathon, it changes you."


Phan Thanh Nhien

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"The memory of climbing Everest 11 years ago still holds me back. Can I really achieve that kind of success again?"

Running for the right reasons

This year, #FWDTeamAsia is running for four major charities

Special Olympics

The world's largest sporting organisation for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

The Hong Chi Association

Dedicated to changing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

Run For The Cure for Breast Cancer Awareness

Working to eradicate breast cancer through education, screening, and treatment.

The Disability Research and Capacity Development Center in Vietnam (DRD)

Funds will go towards donating prosthetic legs to the disabled.

FWD and the Special Olympics…
ensuring everyone can #GetReadyToLive

At FWD we’ve partnered with the Special Olympics because we know that people with intellectual disabilities face huge barriers to some of the things most of us take for granted such as obtaining healthcare, finding a home, getting a job.

It also means they struggle to achieve financial security. And that’s a basic foundation we think everyone deserves so everyone can feel more secure, more confident, and more able to celebrate living – whoever they are.

Find out more about our work with the Special Olympics here.

Our team in previous years

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