The FWD difference

Our one-tap insurance app

The idea:

For many Filipinos, life insurance has a reputation of being inconvenient, and increasingly complex. In response, we wanted to create a customer service app that made insurance accessible, easy to understand and that was actually designed by our customers. So we held a series of workshops, allowing them to tell us exactly what they need – from user interface to technical functionality. FWD Tapp was then developed in-house by our digital technology team.

The work:

In October 2018 we launched FWD Tapp with several features including:

  • Online payments – no paper, no waiting in line
  • Live chat plus instant access to policy details
  • The ability to update information and download forms

The result:

50% of our customers are now registered users. In fact, since we launched, FWD Tapp has become a leading life insurance app in the Philippine market. By January 2020 our customers were giving it a 4.4 rating on the Google Play app store and on iOS (in the same time frame) our rating was 4.7. And in 2020, FWD Tapp was awarded the Digital Insurance Initiative of the Year Philippines at Insurance Asia Awards.

The impact:

By streamlining our flow of customer requests, we’re creating more convenience and making our business more efficient. Our brand advocacy is growing too. In February 2020, our ‘voice of the customer’ partner reported back that customers using FWD Tapp had given FWD Insurance a Net Promoter Score of +66, a hefty increase of +55 above the +11 industry average.