The FWD difference

The Innovation Kitchen

The Innovation Kitchen

This is the home for our scientists, specialists and engineers. Together, they combine disruptive thinking and breakthrough technologies to progress further, faster. They partner with global start-ups, venture capitalists, and tech giants. And they design and test new solutions to enhance customer experiences as well as to improve our own efficiency. Here are two of our projects.

Enzo, our chatbot:

Enzo went live in the Philippines in December 2019. He was built in-house with low running costs and within two months Enzo was able to manage more than 3,000 users’ enquiries, increasing our previous capacity to answer customer questions by 7%. In the same time frame, Enzo processed more than 28,000 messages and on our own customer satisfaction testing, he scored 4.5 out of 5.

Real time ID verification:

On our Direct to Consumer ‘D2C’ platform, customers follow a self-service buying journey. They need to upload their ID and traditionally, this is verified manually, which can take up to two days. So in 2019 we introduced real time verification to a number of our markets cutting the processing time to less than two seconds. We’ve also developed a real time mobile ID scanner for our agents, helping to make their work more efficient.