Corporate governance

Our approach

Our approach

Definition of corporate governance framework

Three lines of defence

Board and committees

The Board of Directors (“Board”) takes ultimate responsibility for the risk management activities of FWD Group. It is responsible for reviewing and approving strategies, plans, policies and our risk appetite. It therefore plays a critical role in ensuring sound and prudent policies and practices are in-effect for ensuring good governance – and has continuous oversight of risk management, internal controls and compliance matters.

The following committees support the Board in carrying out these responsibilities:

    Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee

    Ma Si Hang, Frederick (Independent Non-Executive Director)

    John Baird (Independent Non-Executive Director)

    Kyoko Hattori (Independent Non-Executive Director)

    Walter Kielholz

    Sun Po Yuen

    Yijia Tiong (Independent Non-Executive Director)

    Compensation Committee
    Risk Committee
    Audit Committee

Our code of ethics and business conduct

Vendors' code of ethics and business conduct

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