The FWD difference

Giving our agents the digital tools they need

The idea:

We know that understanding our customers’ individual needs is paramount to the buying experience. We also know that most of the tools available to agents are either too complicated (confusing customers) or too simplistic (not meeting their needs fully). We wanted a tool that worked harder for our agents, better for our customers and more efficiently for our business.

The work:

When we found there was no such tool, we created it. It’s called AI2. and it’s one of the first fully comprehensive financial planning tools in the market. AI2 is currently live across a number of our markets.

The result AI2 provides:

• A realistic assessment of individual customer needs and risk appetite
• Intuitive, multi-directional flow to augment our agents’ fact-finding
• Intelligent pre-filled data, tailored from local insights

The impact:

Because AI2 keeps up with natural conversation, it helps build our customer-focused message. And because we use independent data, it helps increase customer trust. It allows us to cut down on unnecessary forms and questions, and helps improve the user experience for everyone.